Ethiopia’s Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed’s first speech – Opinion

Scam!Scam! Scam!

Many are making a big fuss about Abiye, but as far as I can see it is much ado about nothing, since he will be serving the interest of Woyane Tigre mercenaries. In particular, the reactions of Oromo politicians, activists, and elderly who call themselves leaders has left me totally flabbergasted. One elderly leader who participated in the so called peace conference went to as far saying that the country would have been in flames if Abiye was not named a prime minister. According to him the struggle of the Oromo people is to see one of its son to be a fake prime minister. I truly believe that the TPLF bandits have scored big time again by giving us another home work to spend our valuable time. As far as I am concerned , nothing will change. Abiye is another big scam doomed to fail miserably.

How is Abiye going to change things when the Woyane Tigre looting machine is still active and functioning? The TPLF bandits are still in charge of the mercenary militia and security apparatus that have been creating havoc everywhere. They kill women, children, and the elderly. The criminal thugs are still jail citizen in their own territories for no apparent reason. The state structures that are designed to steal, control citizens, and squash any opposition to the bandits are still intact helping the criminals do what ever they want with impunity. Even if Abiye has the best of intentions, how will he implement his policies still surrounded by hardened criminals who dictate things and want to persevere the status quo? Why would we think the TPLF bandits who have extended criminal history that spans forty plus years suddenly open themselves for a democratic change? Why would certified beggars who left their territory in search of food and became millionaires by committing fraud will leave their loot peacefully? It ain’t gone happen!

Some say Abiye is a product of the people’s struggle specifically that of Queros. It can’t be further from the truth. We seems to forget that he came through the ranks of the criminal organization known as EPRDF. He joined the party at age fifteen and it is the criminal entity that brought him to prominence. His allegiance is to the party and so called democratic centralism where the party’s objectives are more important than the demands of the people. We must also remember that Woyane Tigres ideology is “revolutionary democracy “ which sees every thing in a black and white. If you support Woyane savages, you are a friend. If you oppose them, you are an enemy. It is like you are either with us or against us.

I don’t believe for a second that the TPLF’s internet trolls propaganda that Abiye isn’t their first choice. Nothing happens without the whims and wishes of the Woyane Tigre thugs. If Abiye was elected by the people, I would have understood the unbridled enthusiasm of the people. It is extremely difficult for me to accept and believe a person who has been part of a criminal system for twenty seven years and its nominee to bring the desired change to our people.

Abiye’s assignment is to give Woyane mercenaries the much needed time to recuperate from their crisis and continue to steal and kill our people. He won’t bring any change. We have to embrace ourselves for a big disappointment especially those Oromo politicians and activists who have been clapping your hand since last week.

Some are saying the constitution gives the prime minister broad powers. To begin with , there is no such thing as constitution in our country. Of course, there is a Woyane manual which was concocted in Dedebit pit before they infested our territories. If Woyane thugs were able to implement half what is written in their manual, things would have been better than what they are now. What is written on a piece of paper doesn’t matter in the TPLF criminal family. It can only be used to commit criminal acts. The manual, for example, allows peaceful protest and formation of a political party. None of these exist in our country. If one dares to express his opinion jail and torture are the inevitable outcomes.

Unless Woyane thugs and their system is completely wiped out of the earth, nothing will change in our country. Abiye doesn’t have a silver bullet to change a Woyane centric system which was designed to loot, defraud, deceive, jail, and kill the people of our country.

Abiye’s long and empty rhetoric doesn’t give us any hope for a better tomorrow. It was simply a carefully staged drama to insult the intelligence of our people and deceive the international community.

In his empty rhetoric, Abiye hasn’t said anything about the following criticical issues proving to the whole world that he is nothing but another certified Woyane lackeys:

Removing Campaign to Save Woyane thugs aka state of emergency;

Dismantle the current so called Kelele and allow people to decide their own administrative structure ;

Eliminate race on identity cards;

Restructure the military and security apparatuses to reflect the entire people in the country;

Revisit the land policy;

Discard the so called terrorism law and charity proclamation;

Conduct extensive audit on EFFORT, a criminal entity that controls 80 percent of the country’s economy;

Bring those criminals responsible for the killings and disappearances of millions of people for the last twenty seven years to justice.

Release all political prisoners unconditionally.

Invite all political parties that operate inside and outside the country;

Conduct a multi party election in a year or two in the presence of international observers.

I can’t wait to hear from those amateur politicians and so called activists about the empty speech of Abiye. There is no doubt that they will put a positive spin on it and try to tell us to wait patiently for a miracle.

Folks, other than dragging the struggle, Abiye won’t bring any meaningful change to the country. He has already forgiven corrupt criminals who have stolen billions from the poor.

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