Under Abiy, Ethiopia’s media have more freedom but challenges remain

Ethiopia’s 900-year-old Shonke village on a mountain

Shonke village is a 900-year-old settlement on the top of a mountain in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. Residents say they prefer their traditional stone-built homes to Ethiopia’s “shining cities”. About 20 generations have... Read more »

Ethiopia says coup attempt against leader of Amhara state failed – Reuters

ADDIS ABABA, June 22 (Reuters) – Ethiopia said there was a failed coup attempt against the head of one of the country’s nine regional states on Saturday, underscoring the challenges facing the... Read more »
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Rita Pankhurst passed away aged 92

Rita Pankhurst (The Reporter) — Rita Pankhurst, the wife of the late historian, Richard Pankhurst has passed away. The Oxford educated and a Romanian native and a former librarian with Chatham House,... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Worknesh Degefa Wins Boston Marathon

Worknesh Degefa, of Ethiopia, breaks the tape to win the women’s division of the 123rd Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2019, in Boston. (AP) — BOSTON – Ethiopia’s Worknesh Degefa broke... Read more »

በሰሜን ተራሮች ፓርክ የተነሳውን እሳት ለማጥፋት እስራኤላውያን ባለሙያዎች ኢትዮጵያ ገቡ

በሰሜን ተራሮች ብሄራዊ ፓርክ ላይ የተቀሰቀሰውን ሰደድ እሳት የማጥፋት ስራን የሚያግዝ የእስራኤል የባለሙያዎች ቡድን ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያ ገብቷል። ከደቂቃዎች በፊት በደረሰኝ መረጃ መሰረት ቡድኑ አሁን ጎንደር ገብቷል። በኢትዮጵያ የእስራኤል ምክትል አምባሳደር ኦር ዳንኤሊ... Read more »
Flight recorders from crashed Ethiopian Airlines flight arrive in France

Ethiopia Airlines crash black boxes arrive in France for analysis

HEJERE, Ethiopia (AP) — Flight recorders from a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight arrived in France for analysis Thursday as frustrated relatives of the 157 people killed stormed out of a meeting with... Read more »

20/80 Condominium Winners Name Announced

City of Addis Ababa housing administration announced the winners of the 20/80 Condominium lottery winners. Below you can find the full list of the 20/80 Condominium lottery winners and search. በአዲስ አበባ... Read more »

Ethiopia contracts Chinese companies to complete Nile dam construction

In a bid to accelerate the pace of the construction of Ethiopia’s strategic dam, the country has contracted the services of two Chinese companies. The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) on Tuesday signed... Read more »

Mohammed Alamoudi released from prison in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian born Saudi business tycoon Mohammed Alamoudi has been released from prison in Saudi Arabia. It is to be recalled that earlier in 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed traveled to Saudi Arabia... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines opens Skylight hotel complex, expanded Addis airport

Ethiopian Airlines on Wednesday (January 23) inaugurated the expanded Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and a hotel complex funded by the air operator. Describing the airport as Africa’s biggest gateway to the... Read more »