Ethiopia falls into violence a year after leader's Nobel peace prize win

Ethiopia falls into violence a year after leader’s Nobel peace prize win

Ethiopia faces a dangerous cycle of intensifying internal political dissent, ethnic unrest and security crackdowns, observers have warned, after a series of protests in recent weeks highlighted growing discontent with the government... Read more »
Ethiopia is treading a political tightrope as its unresolved ethnic tensions erupt in violence again

Ethiopia is treading a political tightrope as its unresolved ethnic tensions erupt in violence again

By Yohannes Gedamu Oromia, one of the regions in Ethiopia’s ethnically constituted federation and the country’s most populated one, also happens to be the political constituency of prime minister Abiy Ahmed. Unfortunately, the region is... Read more »
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Ethiopia: Communications Shutdown Takes Heavy Toll

Ethiopia: Communications Shutdown Takes Heavy Toll

Human Rights Watch (Nairobi, March) – The Ethiopian government should immediately lift the shutdown of internet and phone communications in the Oromia region. The two-month-long shutdown has prevented families from communicating, disrupted life-saving services, and contributed... Read more »
Under Abiy, Ethiopia’s media have more freedom but challenges remain

Abiy Ahmed’s Reforms Have Unleashed Forces He Can No Longer Control

Ethiopia’s prime minister oversaw the chaotic release of thousands of prisoners, including many ethnonationalist militants. His amnesty may now be coming back to haunt him. BY NIZAR MANEK | JULY 4, 201 9 FP ADDIS... Read more »
Ethiopia Sweeps Paris Marathon As Calvin Smashes French Record

Ethiopian Olympic protest runner Feyisa Lilesa finally rewarded

BBC – An Ethiopian runner who brought the world’s attention to a wave of protests in Ethiopia at the Rio Olympics has been rewarded by his government. Feyisa Lilesa, who received $17,000... Read more »
Why Ethiopia has postponed its census

Ethiopian Prime Minister forms committee to resolve boundary dispute between Addis and Oromia regional state

Addis Abeba, March 09/2019 – Office of PrimeMinister Abiy Ahmed released statement announcing the formation of acommittee of eight individuals to work to bring in suggestions andrecommendations to help to “sustainably resolve”... Read more »
Abiy holds talks with President of Somaliland Administration

Anger in Ethiopia as officials demolish hundreds of houses

By Elias Meseret | AP ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The Ethiopian government has begun demolishing thousands of houses they say are illegal in the Oromia region in the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa.... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed: The leader promising to heal a nation

BBC – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been widely praised for introducing sweeping reforms aimed at ending political repression, writes BBC Africa editor Fergal Keane after visiting the country. The crowd... Read more »

Ethiopia police find mass grave of 200 people

Police in Ethiopia say they have discovered a mass grave with 200 bodies near the border between the Somali and Oromia regions of the country. Hundreds of thousands of people have been... Read more »
Ethiopia oromia region

Ethiopia: Paramilitaries ‘Kill At Least 40’ in Oromia Region

Officials say paramilitary forces from the Somali region carried out cross-border attacks in Oromia’s East Hararghe. At least 40 people were killed by paramilitary forces in eastern Ethiopia over the weekend, a... Read more »