Comment on As Ethiopia’s conflict rages, ethnic targeting turns deadly by Ittu Aba Farda

by EthioForum
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Now the thugs and their running dogs along with some of their house niggers who they recruited from my proud and patriotic Oromos are using the scare tactics on the world opinion telling everyone that this battle for law and order will spread to wreak havoc on the entire Horn of Africa. Just think about it. The law enforcing campaign is directed against a small bunch of hoodlums who successfully kowtowed the people of a small area of the country itself. These fear mongers are presenting the campaign as a war of biblical proportion as if the Swahili speaking Kenyan loves Debre and his goon so much that he is gonna rebel against his own government. These paid faceless university orphans are presenting Debre and his thugs as someone so worshiped by the people of Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Puerto Rica, Minnesota, the entire Asia and South Sudan. Tell that to that patriot from Ogaden. He knows what these thugs did to him not too long ago. It seems VOA has joined the choir singing the pending doomsday for that gem of the colored. Such media outlets are talking about the refugees who crossed into Sudan more than those who were literally butchered at the hands of savages incited by Debre and his goons. Let me put it for you this way. Let’s say a group of my Oromos butchered another group of non Oromos and I did not do anything to stop it. Then soldiers that comprised of different groups descended on the town. Do you expect me to run or will I have the courage to stick around? Heck no!!! I will be shaking in my boots just what these soldiers might do to me after they are so enraged by what they see. Then I will run as fast as I can even though there is no hint that the soldiers will do any harm to me. That is a dead giveaway!!! That is what we may be seeing now in Sudan. They know what they did or they did not do. They might have been jumping thru the skies at the sight of innocent job seekers being hacked and knifed to death. Expect to see some of the butchers of Mai-Kadra massacre as ‘political’ refugees soon at the neighborhood near you. They are being assured their safety by the PM, Foreign Minister and the entire military leaders of the old country if these so-called refugees want to return to their homes and I believe them. But I don’t think they will decide to come back because they now smell resettlement in Lexington, Flint, Staffordshire, Minnesota, some joints in Down Under and Sunny California.


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