Comment on Ethiopian forces vow to crush ‘the terrorist group’ in a new offensive by ayalew_mognu

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Is Ethiopia’s population just ONE PERSON, Abiy Ahmed? Why are Nationalist Ethiopians sitting on the sidelines watching TPLF wreak havoc?

TPLF [Tigray Pirates’ Looting Fleet] has never had Tigray’s interest at heart let alone Ethiopia’s. Why would any Tigrayan support the TPLF?

The TPLF’s plan of Ethiopia’s demise should END in the TPLF’s own speedy demise. TPLF’s Looting-and-Bleeding Ethiopia SHOULD END FOR GOOD!

If the West really cares about black lives, charity starts right at home! Let the West practice what it preaches right at home in its won backyard.

Thanks Abiy for drilling one-nail-after-another in to the White Supremacist West’s Coffin! I owe you big time!!!

NB: Put big screen TVs at city/town squares & junctions! Government Alert Bulletins can be broadcast in real time as Public Alerting System.

Ayalew Mognu / Sèw Amagn


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Addis market car for sale in ethiopia addis ababa

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