Comment on Memehir Girma Wondimu Arrested in Ethiopia by Melaku Kebede Biru

by EthioForum

The Meles Zenawi times religious leaders should all be labeled as relentless bullies. You may think bullying is perpetrated only by nasty kids or mean teenagers but it has been so common among adult religious leaders since Meles Zenawi got to power. .

Professor Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik, Ph.D., says in her book “Adult Bullying: A Nasty Piece of Work,” .Signs of workplace bullying include getting no feedback on your performance; being yelled at or put down in front of others; having your work sabotaged or ignored; being given a heavier workload or shorter deadlines than others. Unfortunately, you probably can’t avoid interacting with your abuser (it’s usually a boss). And relentless bullying can lead to health issues like PTSD, digestive woes, headaches and depression. So what can you do?


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