Ethiopia – የእነ ሽመልስን :ሴራ” የዘረገፈው ግለሰብ ያልተሰሙ ሚስጢሮች | Hangaasa Ahmed Ibraahim | Oromia

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Ethiopia – የእነ ሽመልስን :ሴራ” የዘረገፈው ግለሰብ ያልተሰሙ ሚስጢሮች | Hangaasa Ahmed Ibraahim | Oromia

ember of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Hangassa Ahmed Ibrahim, said the massacre is being carried out by the Oromia Regional State.

Hangasa delivered a two-hour Facebook live broadcast to more than 15,000 viewers in Oromiffa (some key elements in Amharic). The following were the main points
The plan to kill and massacre Amhara in Oromia is not the OLF’s plan but the prosperity of Oromia.
If peace came in Somali region by removing Abdi Illey why not imprisoning officials in the region, including Shimeles Abdisa.
Dr. Abiy, you didn’t have a close friend of Lemma. But you didn’t hesitate to remove him.
Dr. Abiy, I am going to conclude that if you do not tear down the cabinet of the Oromia region and replace it with a new one. You are the instigator behind all these mess.
Even if I die, my brothers (Amhara, Oromo, other ethnic groups) listen to the truth (know it)
Dr. Abiy, get down on the ground and apologize to the people.
Dr. Abiy Arrest, Arrest, Decision and Cruelty; People who wanted to enter your palace have arrived in our neighborhood.
OLF has been around for centuries, OLF has Hararge and Arsi; Now, ask where the OLF got its killing and execution capabilities: But I can tell you that he got his power and capacity from the regional government
Shimeles are going to surround you and eat you. They’re going to finish you.
The massacre of Amhara in Oromia is more harmful than Oromo.
The Prime Minister’s Office: How many assassins do we want, how many will you bring to justice You just did not succeed. In the meantime, my brothers and sisters (Amharas) are dying in Wolga
When will Dr. Abiy come out of the garden and work hard? When will you see the suffering that surrounds you
The power that is killing Amhara today is closing to your house (4 Kilo)
If you don’t put Shimeles and Fekadu Tadesse in jail, then you are behind this attack.
Rest in peace, my Oromo brothers who support the killing of Amhara.
The ones who hate you are the one that surrounds you and man
Oromia is the home of all of us.
Dr. Abby, suddenly Jimma, Hararge, Geramuleta, Arsi, Welega, Bale, go to Chiro and listen to the people (see the suffering on the ground), then I will tell you what kind of news you will hear.
Amhara massacre will not stop if you don’t remove the cabinet and Oromo will not end peace

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