Ethiopia : PM Abiy Ahmed Shuffled Cabinet. Appointed First Female Defence Minister

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given half the cabinet posts to women

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed the country’s first female defence minister in a new cabinet in which half the posts are taken up by women.

Aisha Mohammed, from the country’s Afar region in the north-east, had served as construction minister before being picked to head the ministry of defence.

Prime Minister Abiy has slimmed down the cabinet from 28 portfolios to 20, which includes the new ministry of peace.

Announcing the changes in parliament, the prime minister said that his reform process needed to continue to address the structural and strategic problems that pushed the country into chaos.

Since coming to power in April, Mr Abiy has introduced a series of reforms which has transformed the political landscape in the country.

Mufuriat Kami, who served as the speaker of the parliament for the past five months, has been appointed as Minister of Peace

She will be overseeing the country’s intelligence and security apparatus including the Federal Police Commission.

The prime minister’s chief of staff has tweeted the full cabinet list:

Source: BBC News

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