Memihir Girma’s Healing Event Stopped by Police in Zurich

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(AddisNews) Zurich police in Switzerland had to involve to stop a planned healing event performed by the famous Ethiopian orthodox priest and miracle healer Memihir Girma Wondimu according to the report by in German translated by AddisNews.

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Organizer of this event was expected from 300 to 700 people will attend at the complex 457 but the result was unexpected. About 5000 people who are Ethiopians and Eritrean origins were gathered from all over Europe and even came all the way from the United States.

Zurich City police media Chief Marco Cortesi told reporters “Security and safety of the visitors was no more guaranteed the organizers had announced 300 and 700 visitors but ultimately there were around 2500 in the complex and also 2000 to 3000 were waiting outside.” Since the security was no more ensured, the police has to intervene for the safety of the visitors.

Mistre Haile-Selassie one of the event organizer speaks the reporter said they had a permission to held the faith healing event and were expecting not more than a 1000 people.


According to Haile-Selassie the Ethiopian priest Memehir Girma Wondimu can heal mentally and physically ill people. The crowd outside of the complex created a traffic jam, Hundreds of strollers were parked on the street.

Police media chief said “The evacuation preceded without any problems the priest was very cooperative” Organizer Haile-Selassie understood the situation but he was sad that healing event didn’t go as planned and many people didn’t get a chance to meet Memehir Girma Wondimu. After all: Wondimu have healed in Zurich among others a paralytic, reported Haile Selassie.

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