Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s first 100 days

by EthioForum

This article describes the stellar accomplishments made in the past 100 days since the swearing-in of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

1. Fostered Internal Stability

Today marks the 100th day of the premiership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed. His performance so far can only be rated as outstanding in all fronts. The wide popularity of the numerous measures he has taken so far and the speed with which each of them is delivered are nothing short of a miracle. The PM has done in this short period what many wouldn’t even imagine getting done in years. His name has now become synonymous with optimism for an overwhelming majority of Ethiopians. International News Outlets including the BBC has described him as “one of the most dynamic and charismatic politicians to emerge in modern Africa.”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) came to power right in the middle of the worst political and social crisis that hit the country in decades. Due to popular unrest hitting major regions in Ethiopia, the government was forced to declare martial law twice in two years’ time since 2016. Demonstrations, roadblocks and conflicts flared up in almost all major urban and rural areas. Violence reached the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa, a city of at least 5 million, severely limiting day-to-day public affairs. Despite EPRDF’s desperate attempt to curb unrest, the unrest finally culminated in the resignation of its chairperson and the election of PM Abiy Ahmed through a tightly contested inter-party election.

1.1 Inspired the Nation

Even before coming to the helm of the country’s political power, Abiy Ahmed was known for his charisma. He was frequently quoted saying “Kal yigedlal, kal yadinal” which roughly translates to “A word can kill, a word can save”. He thoroughly acted on this belief in his first 100 days, starting from his inauguration speech at the parliament. His inspirational quotes were carried far and wide throughout the nation. His words have become ubiquitous adorning window panes and bumper stickers all over Ethiopia. His message of unity through diversity and revival of the “Ethiopiawinet” (Ethiopianism) is widely celebrated and his notion of “medemer” (synergy) has become a colloquial word. His frank and transparent manners, the way in which he spoke of his mother, wife and all women at his swearing-in ceremony not only stole the hearts of many but also gave away signs of the seriousness of the change that is taking place in Ethiopia. The phrases he used such as “When alive, we are Ethiopians, and in death, we become the land that is Ethiopia” are favorites among patriotic Ethiopians who are longing for a message of unity and solidarity in the midst of ethnic rivalry apparent for the past several years.

1.2 First-hand discussion with the people

PM Abiy Ahmed made stabilizing the troubled nation his primary objective. He made regional visits and discussed with the community on matters that are important to them. He also delivered messages of solidarity in languages, customs and attires akin to the specific regions, raising issues that were taboo in Ethiopian politics yet very reflective of the local need. He kicked off his visit with the most affected areas in the last three years of anti-government demonstrations such as Ambo, Bale, Dembi-dollo and Gondar and continued to other regions such as Tigray, Hawassa, and Afar to experience first-hand the state of affairs in the different regions to ensure all voices are heard. His message of peace and unity was delivered in such an out-of-the-box and disarming way that it brought about a tangible impact on the nations and nationalities embraced in the country.

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