How Hachalu Hundessa's murder reveals Ethiopia's political divide

How Hachalu Hundessa’s murder reveals Ethiopia’s political divide

Al- Jazeera Firaol Ajema and his friends, dressed in black T-shirts, have been meeting each afternoon in recent days to listen to the music of Ethiopian pop star Hachalu Hundessa, also known... Read more »
Ethiopia launches probe into alleged rights violations

Rights Groups Call for Swift Action on Oromo Singer Haacaaluu’s Murder

Washington — As anger boils over among Ethiopia’s Oromo population after the killing of a revered singer, analysts and activists say swift action and transparency by the government are necessary to avoid... Read more »
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Under Abiy, Ethiopia’s media have more freedom but challenges remain

Ethiopia to extradite double-murder suspect to the US

By Elias Meseret | AP ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — An Ethiopian official has revealed his country has finalized preparations to extradite a double-murder suspect to the U.S. either on Monday or Tuesday. The move to... Read more »