Ethiopia passes controversial law curbing ‘hate speech’

Months before major election, Parliament passes law imposing jail terms for people whose internet posts stir unrest. (Al Jazeera) — Ethiopia’s parliament has passed a law punishing “hate speech” and “disinformation” with... Read more »
Ethiopia's Parliament passes gun control law

Ethiopia’s Parliament passes gun control law – Ethiopia’s Parliament passed gun control legislation aimed at tackling the surge in ethnic violence threatening the government of Abiy Ahmed. Since Abiy came to power, ethnic violence has increased in... Read more »
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Rita Pankhurst passed away aged 92

Rita Pankhurst (The Reporter) — Rita Pankhurst, the wife of the late historian, Richard Pankhurst has passed away. The Oxford educated and a Romanian native and a former librarian with Chatham House,... Read more »

Ethiopian Human Rights Resolution Passes House

Congressman Chris Smith’s (R-NJ) resolution, H.Res. 128, which condemns human rights abuses in Ethiopia and outlines steps the Ethiopian government can take to promote peace and democracy, passed the House on Tuesday... Read more »